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Customised in a company's corporate colours and complete with authentically reproduced livery, model vehicles act as high profile, collectable advertisements for any business.

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1:50 James C C Ferguson

£145.00 (inc VAT)

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MAN TGX XXL (6x2) and 3 axle, box van trailer; the MAN tractor unit is customised in the original and remarkably distinctive livery of Scottish operator James C C Ferguson; the trailer has been customised in the livery of Ian Macleod Distillers and features graphics of two of their highly respected single malt whisky brands – Glengoyne and Tamdhu. 

This is the second model truck to be commissioned through Search Impex by James C C Ferguson.  It follows on from the highly successful release of the DAF XF105 with tanker trailer which was commissioned to mark the haulier’s success in winning the Transport News ‘Scotland’s Top Fleet Livery 2013’ award.  The models have been produced exclusively for Search Impex by WSI Collectibles as a certificated Limited Edition (175 pieces).

Based in Milton of Campsie, near Glasgow, James C C Ferguson is a family run haulier and specialises in transporting Scotch whisky for many of Scotland’s best known distilleries.  The Company’s highly distinctive trucks carry a truly Scottish theme including a Piper in full traditional attire, Ferguson Clan tartan and idyllic country scenes with highland cattle. 

The striking livery has proved to be a real attraction for truck enthusiasts and tourists alike – many of whom immediately reach for their cameras to take photos of the trucks to show the folks back home!  Indeed, on one occasion, a tourist asked the driver if he could hang on while he fetched his camera – only to endure a wait of almost twenty minutes because, unbeknown to the driver, the would-be photographer’s camera was back at the hotel where he was staying!

And the whisky trailer....... Glengoyne and Tamdhu are well respected premium brands of single malt whisky and are amongst an enviable portfolio of premium quality spirits belonging to Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd – a family run business owned by the Russell family.

The family’s involvement with the whisky trade began in 1936 when Leonard Russell Senior ran a whisky broker business.  Leonard (Senior) passed away in 1956 but the business continued apace and in 1963, the Russell family successfully acquired a business known as Ian Macleod & Company Ltd.  This proved to be a catalyst for a string of acquisitions and purchases over the next 40 years and in 2003, following the acquisition of Glengoyne Distillery, the business changed its name to Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd.

Further additions to a growing portfolio followed, including the purchase of the Tamdhu Distillery which was established in 1897.  The Distillery actually closed in 2010 – but with such a great history, (indeed, Ian Macleod Distillers remain inspired to this day by the founders' original visions for the Tamdu Distillery), a decision was made to purchase it in 2011 and re-commission it in 2012 with the aim of returning this eminent single malt to its former glory.

The Tamdhu Speyside Single Malt distillery is located on the banks of the River Spey and its water is drawn directly from the Tamdhu spring. The sherry casks in use today are of the same type used when the distillery was established in 1897. Only the finest oak casks are used and every cask is still matured on the banks of the Spey in the cool shadows of the distillery warehouses.

The Glengoyne Distillery is situated in a wooded valley in the southern Highlands of Scotland close to a small river that flows into the famous Loch Lomond. The distillery which takes its name from "Glen Guin" or “Glen of the Wild Geese” has been producing an exceptional single malt scotch whisky for nearly 200 years and it is one of the few distilleries producing whisky in this part of Scotland today.

Ian Macleod Distillers are the world’s 10th largest Scotch Whisky Company and currently produce and sell over 15 million bottles of spirits every year. 

Models, available from Search Impex, are priced at £145 each, including UK delivery & VAT.    For details of availability of this and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website at or call them on 01332 873 555