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Customised in a company's corporate colours and complete with authentically reproduced livery, model vehicles act as high profile, collectable advertisements for any business.

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1:50 Penfro Peche Ltd

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Mercedes Actros Gigaspace (4x2) with 3 axle, refrigerated trailer, customised in the highly creative and original livery of Penfro Peche Ltd.

This is the second model to be produced in this operator’s stunning livery - the first model having been a sell out.

The model has been produced exclusively for Search Impex by WSI Collectibles as a certificated Limited Edition.

Incorporated in 1989 and fully operational since 1992, Penfro Peche began life operating from Milford Haven in Wales, but since then has also opened a second base at Lochinver in Scotland. Originally involved in the management of fishing boats and thereafter agency work and consultancy within the fishing industry, the Company branched out into transport in 1997. Nowadays, whilst the transport side of the business is still run from Milford Haven, the trucks, (with, incidentally, registration plates P3 CHE, P33 CHE and P333 CHE), load mostly out of Scotland. In keeping with this, the new P33 CHE has a Scottish flavour with, amongst other things, a graphic of a loch scene with Highland cows and farmer included on the front of the cab!

The first truck purchased by Penfro Peche back in 1997 was a Scania 460 with, as is typical for the industry, a white reefer trailer. Whilst contemplating how best to livery the new reefer trailer, the Managing Director viewed the huge plain white sides very much as an artist’s canvas – and so commissioned a local artist to hand-paint a design directly onto the trailer sides. The brief given was to be imaginative and creative, yet topical and relevant. The result was a painting depicting a (Welsh) dragon pulling a net from the water, with various fishing buoys in the seascape - the marker flags on top of the fishing buoys being in the national colours of the Company’s trading partners.

Since this first trailer mural, the initial “story” has evolved, but it still very much retains the dragon character, as can be seen on the Company’s present day trailers. The latest design came to life in 2013 and there is talk of possibly another for 2015. Although now printed on vinyl, the imaginative graphics on the Penfro Peche trucks and trailers continue to turn heads (and cameras) wherever they go!

Worthy of note, too, is that this time, by popular demand, the Penfro Peche artist has returned to make some some finishing touches to the trailer livery by adding some splendid graphics to the rear doors!