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Customised in a company's corporate colours and complete with authentically reproduced livery, model vehicles act as high profile, collectable advertisements for any business.

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1:50 W D Cormack

£148.00 (inc VAT)

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Customised promotional model vehicle specialist Search Impex is pleased to announce the release of a new DAF XF Euro 6 Super Space cab (6x2) tractor unit with 3 axle, curtain trailer, customised in the classy livery of Scottish livestock & general haulage contractors, W D Cormack.

The models will be produced exclusively for Search Impex by WSI Collectibles as a certificated Limited Edition.

This is the second model to be commissioned through Search Impex by W D Cormack.  The model is to be based on the sister DAF truck (reg SK16 DAF) to the 2016 sellout release of DAF truck (reg SK15 DAF) - which was released with a livestock trailer.  

Note :  The picture actually shows W D Cormack’s chipliner trailer – but their curtain trailer carries a very similar livery.

Based in the far north of Scotland in the village of Durran, close to Castletown in  Caithness, W D Cormack was established in 1959 by William Dunnet Cormack.  Coming from a traditional family farming background, William’s expansion into the transport business began with the purchase of two Seddon 4 wheeler rigid trucks from a local company whose owner was looking to retire.  One truck was a standard flatbed but the other came with a livestock box - which he put to immediate use, initially, to transport livestock from his own farm to market.  However, word about the new trucks soon spread around the local community and William began to receive requests from other farmers to move not only their livestock, but also to transport agricultural supplies – so making use of the flatbed truck. 

It was the demand to deliver other agricultural supplies, including lime for use in fertiliser, which resulted in a decision to invest in a third vehicle – this time a 4 wheel tipper.  Whilst demand for the livestock haulage service offered by the Company saw this aspect of the business grow steadily and very successfully, it was a decision to add several 6 wheeler rigid trucks to the growing fleet that greatly enhanced the flexibility of W D Cormack’s haulage capabilities. Shortly afterwards, and in order to offer an even more comprehensive haulage service to the local farming community, a low loader was purchased to enable the transporting of agricultural vehicles and equipment – something which very much proved to be a defining moment in the move into general haulage and delivering goods further afield.

Now into the third generation of the Cormack family, today’s business comprises livestock & arable farming on around 400 acres, as well as running the all-important transport operation.  The current fleet comprises a total of 12 trucks (8 artics and 4 rigids) and 22 trailers – still mostly livestock, but with a selection of curtain, flat bed, chipliner and bulker trailers, not to mention the low loader - an ideal mix to cater for the general haulage aspect of the business.   Adorned in the classy two tone red and cream livery, W D Cormack trucks are already well known to many model truck enthusiasts not only in Scotland, but also throughout the rest of the UK - and almost certainly beyond!

Any collectors wishing to reserve a model should register their interest with Search Impex as soon as possible and provide their contact details. The models are expected to be priced around £148 each (including UK delivery & VAT).  We do NOT require any deposit payment. We will simply notify you as soon as the model is available and only at that time will we require payment in full.

For details of availability of this and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website at or call on 01332 873555.