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Customised in a company's corporate colours and complete with authentically reproduced livery, model vehicles act as high profile, collectable advertisements for any business.

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1:50 Mackenzie Haulage

£153.00 (inc VAT)

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1:50 scale DAF XF105 510 Super Space (6x2, tag axle) tractor unit with 3 axle, livestock trailer, customised in the classy and distinctive livery of Scottish operator Mackenzie Haulage.

The models have been produced exclusively for Search Impex by WSI Collectibles as a certificated Limited Edition (175 pieces).

Based in the small village of Culbokie (meaning “the haunted nook”) in the Highlands of Scotland, a little over 3 miles from the town of Dingwall and about 12 miles north of Inverness, Mackenzie Haulage was established in 1995 by Gordon Mackenzie.

With an upbringing well steeped in transport (his father and uncle having previously run the original Mackenzie Bros haulage business in Bonar Bridge), it seemed that Gordon would naturally follow into the family haulage business.  Events, however, were to change all that when, sadly, the untimely death of Gordon’s father at just 44 led to the winding down of the business, leaving Gordon to work at a nearby garage to gain a qualification in mechanical engineering.

Once transport is in the blood, however, it’s difficult to cleanse – and this proved to be the case for Gordon.  In 1995, even almost without the knowledge of his wife, Jillian, he decided to purchase one of the few remaining tippers from Mackenzie Bros and set about offering a tar, asphalt and salt delivery service around the Highlands.  The following year, he bought another tipper and took on an employee and a year after that an artic with flatbed trailer was added to the “fleet”.  Then, in 1998, Gordon had the opportunity to purchase a small livestock haulier, complete with two livestock cattle floats.  Without hesitation, he took up the challenge and so began Mackenzie Haulage’s move into transportation of cattle sheep and pigs.

Over the ensuing years, tipping work became more cut throat and less profitable and was slowly dropped in favour of flatbed work and particularly livestock transport. Initially the business undertook livestock movement as far south as Yorkshire but, with the amount of time expended in seeking out return loads, a decision was made to focus much more on local work.  Nowadays, much of the work involves moving livestock to and from Dingwall Mart each week and serving the needs of the Highlands farming community.

The traditional Mackenzie Haulage colours were, to a great extent, derived from the colours of Gordon’s late father’s trucks.  In the year 2000, however, a deviation to Mackenzie Haulage’s standard livery was inadvertently introduced when the Company purchased a used Scania Topline.  The truck was silver but, instead of repainting it, Gordon decided to keep it silver and to enhance it with green paintwork and graphics.  Mackenzie tartan was also brought into the design and the truck then joined the fleet as a special edition to celebrate the millennium! 

This twist in livery was both popular and attractive and so, whilst deciding to keep the standard family colours as the norm, it was also decided that commemorative trucks would be added to the fleet from time to time to mark special occasions.  One such truck is the DAF XF105 (on which the models will be based) and which was commissioned in a special livery to mark the 10th birthday of Gordon & Jillian’s  daughter, Tamzin, who goes by the nickname of “Tammy Dee”.  

Nowadays, whilst offering general haulage services, livestock transport remains the main focus of the business.  Mackenzie Haulage operates five trucks (predominantly DAF) and in addition to its three livestock trailers, the Company also has a mix of trailers, including a flatbed, a tanker and a bulk tipper trailer.  Regularly seen throughout the Highlands, Mackenzie Haulage trucks, including the one and only “Tammy Dee”, will be a familiar sight to many collectors! 

Models, available from Search Impex, are priced at £153 each (including UK delivery & VAT). 

For details of availability of this and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website at or call on 01332 873555.