About Us

Established in 1993, Search Impex was originally set up to supply customised promotional model vehicles to the transport and freight forwarding industries.

Our first ever die cast release was for Ryder Van & Truck Rental and was a Ford Transit van. It was produced for us in the UK by Lledo at their factory in Enfield, but since 1999, the factory stopped producing models and the Lledo brand was acquired by Corgi and Lledo models are now produced in China.

More orders from Ryder Van and Truck Rental for box trucks followed, leading us to work with overseas manufacturers, including German and Dutch manufacturers.

With this early success, it quickly became apparent that demand for customised promotional model vehicles existed across a much broader sector of business. Over the years and in seeking to meet this diverse and growing demand, Search Impex has developed a comprehensive knowledge about die cast promotional model vehicles and the associated manufacturing processes. We have also gained an excellent reputation for supplying an unrivalled range of model vehicles suitable for a whole variety of promotional applications.

Some 30 years on, Search Impex now has dedicated office premises and showrooms in the Derbyshire village of Breaston and the Company is still run by the original founders – Jim & Brenda Newsome.

Jim and Brenda Newsome