Making Models Work

As a "promotional investment", we believe that model vehicles really work! Fully operational around the clock, yet without the associated running costs of their real life counterparts, models leave a lasting impression with existing and potential customers alike and ensure that your organisation is well represented and remembered wherever they are displayed. 

Authentic, durable, timeless and collectable, model vehicles serve as great advertisements for any business. Miniaturise your image for corporate promotional purposes and get good mileage from your models!

  • Building market image
  • Corporate anniversaries
  • Reinforcing brand awareness
  • Launching a new livery
  • Corporate merchandise
  • Customer gifts
  • Sales incentives
  • Exhibition give-aways
  • Product launches
  • Plain simple advertising


Still need convincing?

We are proud of our extensive portfolio of customers, built up over many years and hope that you, too, will soon join us. Come and see our well appointed showrooms which have enlightened and inspired many a customer. A visit to them would surely also convince you to take the model vehicle route!

Whatever your objective, customised promotional models are the perfect vehicles to drive your message home.


Various Scales

Our website can only ever show a partial selection of the types and scales of promotional model vehicles we are actually able to supply. When it comes to special models, if you can’t immediately see what you want, please don’t assume we haven’t got it, or can’t get it! 

As a fulltime player in the customised promotional model vehicles market, we have access to a very extensive bank of diecast tooling. We would, therefore, be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss with you any requirements you may have for specific model vehicles. 

Model Vehicles – Driving your Business Forward!

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