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A Smaller Fleet for Bigger Business

Real life trucks and trailers, often with stunning graphics, are readily recognised as powerful advertisements on the road. The power of this visual imagery can be made equally effective when reproduced in miniature - and that’s where we can help! 

As dab hands at cutting commercial vehicle fleets down to size, we are renowned for our unrivalled range of model vehicles, in a choice of many different scales and for our ability to cater for a very wide variety of promotional applications. In support of this, we continually review, up-date and develop our range to help ensure the types and makes of model available are, whenever possible, a true reflection of our customers’ own vehicles.

Getting the mileage from your models

Ever mindful of the need to replicate the trucks authentically, we attach particular importance to reproducing corporate colours and graphics as accurately as possible. To this end, our aim is to create not just genuine production die-cast models, but also highly collectable ones, which you will be proud to present to your customers.  

  • Timeless
  • Durable
  • Desirable
  • Collectable
  • Effective

If you like the idea of commissioning models, but have a concern about the minimum production run, then we can usually help you. We have good access to the collectors’ market and can prepare editorial features about your models for submission to a number of publications, so facilitating the sale of some of the models to private collectors. 

Alternatively, with the care you’ve taken in crafting your corporate image, you may wish to commission the full run of models on an exclusive basis. This puts you completely in the driver’s seat in terms of the use and distribution of the models (and hence your name or brand) in the market. That’s fine with us and the choice is yours!

Join us in the Wheel World!

We are proud of our extensive portfolio of customers, built up over many years and hope that you, too, will soon join us. After all, we know that professionally produced model vehicles really work! Fully operational around the clock, yet without the associated real life running costs, customised promotional models are the perfect vehicles to drive your message home.

Model Vehicles – Driving your Business Forward!