For more than 20 years Search Impex has specialised in the supply of diecast collectibles to its customers in the haulage and logistics industry. Many of the models produced have been released as certificated Limited Editions and have, therefore, become highly sought after by model collectors

As a big player in the scaled down world, we are well known for offering an unrivalled range of diecast collectible model vehicles to cater for a wide variety of promotional applications. We are continually reviewing, up-dating and developing our range to ensure that the types and makes of model trucks available are, whenever possible, a true reflection of the sights in the real world.

Firmly established as the UK’s leading, independent, specialised supplier of customised promotional model vehicles, Search Impex is a dab hand at cutting commercial vehicle fleets down to size! Customised in a company’s corporate colours and complete with authentically reproduced livery, diecast scale model vehicles act as high profile, collectable advertisements for any business. Sure to leave a lasting impression with both existing and potential customers, model vehicles ensure that your organisation is well represented and remembered wherever they are displayed. Die cast collectible model trucks are the perfect, permanent (and collectable) advertisement for your company.


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